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Genealogical Charts

Daughter of HW and Elizabeth Mankell

HW and Elizabeth Mankell had nine children. Born in 1860 in Northfield MN, Mary was their second child.

  1. Jenny (1858-1948) m. Andrew Gordhamer
  2. Mary (1860-1887) m. Johnny Young
  3. Anna (1862-1914) m. Nels Quam
  4. Amanda (1864-1947) m. Julius Landquist
  5. Hulda (1866-1931) m. Hans Melgaard
  6. Oscar (1868-1936) m. Minnie Swenson
  7. Sophia (1871-1894) m John Quam
  8. Otto H. (1872-1839)
  9. Esther (1874-1915) m. Gustave Erixon

Mary married John Young in the spring of 1881. They owned a flower store in Minneapolis MN on 36th, near Lyndale Avenue. The family lived next to the corner store. They had 3 children:

  1. Frank Edward (1881-1952) m. Carrie Johnson
  2. Esther (c1884-?)
  3. Jennie (1885-?)

Daughter Esther Young, 1903

HW and Elizabeth Mankell

Descendants of HW and Elizabeth Mankell

Oscar and Minnie Mankell

Genealogical Charts

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