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Daughter of HW and Elizabeth Mankell

HW and Elizabeth Mankell had nine children. Amanda, born in 1864, was their fourth child, the last child to be born Northfield. In 1864 HW and Elizabeth began the process of obtaining a homestead in Kandiyohi County MN, and soon after moved to St. Cloud, MN.

  1. Jenny (1858-1948) m. Andrew Gordhamer
  2. Mary (1860-1887) m. Johnny Young
  3. Anna (1862-1914) m. Nels Quam
  4. Amanda (1864-1947) m. Julius Landquist
  5. Hulda (1866-1931) m. Hans Melgaard
  6. Oscar (1868-1936) m. Minnie Swenson
  7. Sophia (1871-1894) m John Quam
  8. Otto H. (1872-1939)
  9. Esther (1874-1915) m. Gustave Erixon

Amanda and Julius married in on April 9, 1882, and had 5 children. The family moved from Willmar MN to Minneapolis in 1892. Julius left Amanda when the children were young. (In 1900 he married again and moved to Washington State.)

  1. Alfred m. Alma Helling
  2. Lillian (1884-1963) m. M.E. Trainor
  3. Austin
  4. Helen (1889-1936)
  5. Herman J. (1891-1960) m. Ellen Christopherson

In 1899 Amanda filed for divorce and on November 8 1899 the Willmar Tribune wrote

Among the divorce cases as cited by the daily papers is an action entered in the Hennepin county courts by Mrs. Amanda Landquist, of Minneapolis, against Julius W. Landquist. The defendant, it is claimed, has large interests in a mining company in the state of Washington, and a large amount of alimony is asked.

Amanda's children supported their mother; it appears that neither Helen nor Herman graduated from high school because they had to support their mother. Amanda died at the age of 82. Daughter Helen Landquist worked as the china buyer for JB Hudson Jewelers on Nicolett Avenue in Minneapolis and died before Amanda. Helen's obituary describes her as performing her duties at JB Hudson with "great faithfulness and unselfishness." She spent many summers in and near Willmar (where she was born). "Her genuineness, her sincerity, her laughing ways and cheery smile will always be remembered by those who knew her."

Herman Landquist was a banker at Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank in Minneapolis. About 1939 he married Ellen Christopherson (Herman J Landquist's nephew Herman W Mankell married Ellen's sister Cora Christopherson).

Lillian married M.E. Trainer in 1910 and moved to North Dakota and later to Los Angeles CA. Alfred and wife Alma had a store in South Dakota. Austin was an artist, served in the military and is buried at Fort Snelling, Minneapolis. entry for Amanda Mankell Landquist entry for Julius Landquist entry for Amanda's son Herman J Landquist entry for Herman's wife, Ellen Christopherson Landquist entry for Amanda's daughter, Helen Landquist

HW and Elizabeth Mankell

Descendants of HW and Elizabeth Mankell

Oscar and Minnie Mankell

Genealogical Charts

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