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Johan Herman Mankel/Mankell, 1763-1835: An Outline of his life

The Mankell descendants in the United States and Sweden can trace their ancestry back to Johan Herman Mankel (also spelled Johann Hermann) born in Niederasphe Germany, 1763. His life is well documented because of a poem written for his 50th birthday, his musical career in Christiansfeld, Denmark, and his affiliation with the Moravian Church in Germany and Denmark. Documents about JH Mankell (my great-great-great-great-grandfather) are written in German, Danish and Swedish; very little is in English. Therefore, much of the information about the European side of the Mankell family written in these web pages has been translated.

  1. 50th Birthday Poem
  2. Niederasphe, Germany
  3. Leaving Niederasphe (Moravian Community; Duke Karl August's Royal Court)
  4. Christiansfeld, Denmark
  5. First Marriage to Johanna Keyser and Children
  6. Controversies
  7. Sweden
  8. Second Marriage to Helena Svedman and Children

Johan Herman Mankell died in Karlskrona Sweden on November 11, 1835. He married twice and fathered 13 children (including an illegitimate child), though not all reached adulthood.

All of Johan’s children, including those from his first marriage, lived in various Swedish cities, including Gothenburg, Härnösand, Karlskrona and Stockholm. (There is no information regarding what happened to Georg) Most of Johan’s children who reached adulthood had connections to music, which isn’t surprising given their father’s love of music and his ability to perform, teach and compose.

Johan Herman Mankel at Harpsichord, Shears Cut

Johan H. Mankel in Niederasphe

Johan H. Mankel leaves Niederasphe

Johan H. Mankel's first marriage

Genealogical Charts

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