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JHM's Second Marriage and Children

On Sept 25, 1824 Johan Herman married Helena Dorothea Svedman (1794-1864) in Karlskrona Sweden. Johan and Helena had 5 children, all born in Karlskrona (see maps), the youngest child was born when Johan was 70 years old. Two sons died young.
  1. Johan August (1825-1868)
  2. Viktor Alfred (1827-1831)
  3. Herman Ludvig Ferdinand (1829-1836)
  4. Sven Gustav George (1832-1860)
  5. Emil Theodore (1834-1899)

There is a separate web page which contains more information about Johan's children from both marriages and their descendants.

It is believed that during this time in Sweden, Johan Herman added the second "L" to his name.

Johan Herman Mankell died in Karlskrona Sweden on November 11, 1835. His youngest child was only a year old. Johan's love of music lived on with his children who remained in Sweden.

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Genealogical Charts

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