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Johan Herman Mankel's First Marriage and Children

First Marriage and Children
On April 18, 1801, Johan Herman Mankel married Johanna Keyser in Christiansfeld. Born in Stockholm (1775), Johanna was the daughter of Johanna Halling and Abraham Keyser, a rich Swedish merchant, a Moravian with business connections in Hamburg Germany. To this union, 7 children were born in Christiansfeld; two died in infancy.
  1. Carl Abraham (1802-1868)
  2. Wilhelm August (1803-1872)
  3. Louise Amalia (1806-1806)
  4. Friedrich Ferdinand (1807-1807)
  5. Georg Andreas (1809-??)
  6. Gustav Adolph (1812-1880)
  7. Friederica Amalia (1814-1889)

Christiansfeld Vigselbok (church records) of the Moravian Church.
Original records are at the Landsarkivet in Åbenrå, Denmark.
Columns: Name, Birth, Marriage, Death

By 1814 Johan and Johann's marriage had deteriorated. At the time he experienced both professional and personal controversies which forced him to leave his family, Christiansfeld and the Moravian community.

Bibliography: Moravian Brethren, Christiansfeld Denmark. Dagens Nyheter

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Genealogical Charts

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