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Maps of ancestral homes in Norway

Anders Pettersson Jordin and Anna Greta Andersdotter
August and Mary (Mortenson) Jordin
Walter and Inga (Johnson) Jordin

The parents of my mother, Vivian Mankell, were Walter and Inga (Johnson) Jordin, from Irving Township, east of New London and north of Atwater, Minnesota. Walter was the son of Swedish immigrants; Inga was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. Here are the stories about the Jordin immigrants from Sweden.

Main sections on the Jordin webpage:

  • SWEDEN: Anders Pettersson, Anna Greta Andersdotter and family
  • STORA MELLBY and MAGRA, ÄLVSBORG COUNTY, SWEDEN: Maps Identifying Homes/Parishes
  • MAGRA, SWEDEN: Church
  • SIENE, SWEDEN: Church
  • AUGUST and MARY JORDIN and family (has a map of Irving, New London Townships identifying their homes)
  • WALTER and INGA JORDIN and family

SWEDEN: Anders Pettersson, Anna Greta Andersdotter and family

August Jordin (1861-1919), his parents, Anders Pettersson (1821-1892) and Anna Greta Andersdotter (1833-1909) and his siblings immigrated to the United States in the early 1880s from Yttre Jordala Gallegården, Stora Mellby, in Älvsborg County in western Sweden, northeast of Gothenburg. August's Swedish name at the time immigration was August Andersson. Upon arriving in the US the immigrants took the name "Jordin" as a variation of the Jordala area, and settled in Meeker County MN. August and his parents lived in Section 18 (118N-31W), Greenleaf Township (Beckville) , Meeker County MN, south of Litchfield. August's siblings lived in other areas of the county.

Birth and Baptism records for Anders Pettersson, August 1821. Stora Mellby Sweden.
Source: Stora Mellby Parish Records, 1817-1850

Anna Greta Andersdotter listed with parents (Anders Svensson and Anna Stina Persdotter)
and siblings listed with birth dates. Living in Boda, Magra Parish in Sweden.
Source: Magra Parish records, 1834-1844.

Anders married twice. He married his first wife, Annika Svensdotter, on June 18, 1848 in Stora Mellby. Annika was born October 6, 1826 in Stora Mellby. She died January 3, 1860 just days after giving birth to her 7th child. The baby died a year later.

Here are the children of Anders and Annicka, all born in Stora Mellby, Sweden. Anna, Marja, and Britta immigrated to Meeker County, Minnesota

  • Anna G. (Andersdotter) Jordin (b. April 18, 1849), married Peter Lund, c1875 HathiTrust online version pp 321-322.
  • Sven Andersson (1850-1850)
  • Marja/Marie (Andersdotter) Jordin (1852-1903) married Andrew Lee, c1876 HathiTrust online version pp 299-300.
  • Britta/Betsey (Andersdotter) Jordin (b. 1853) married John Quist, 1879 in Sweden. His Swedish name was Johan Andreasson.
  • Johanna Andersdotter (1855-1855)
  • Sven Andersson (second son with same name) (1857-1875)
  • August Andersson (1859-1861)

Anders and Anna Greta (Annagreta) Jordin married on January 8, 1861 in Sweden (his second marriage) and had seven children, all born in Stora Mellby, Sweden. Four children survived to adulthood and immigrated to Meeker County, Minnesota, and took the last name Jordin.

  • August Andersson (later Jordin) (second son with same name) (1861-1919) married Mary Mortenson (1869-1949) in 1890.
  • John A. Jordin (1862-1929) married Selma Johnson, c1886
  • Gustav Andersson (1864-1865)
  • Mary Jordin (1866-1915) married John Swanson
  • Kristina Andersdotter (1869-1881)
  • Sofia/Sophia Jordin (b. 1872) married Gotfried (Gottfried/Godfred) Anderson, c1905
  • Tilda Andersdotter (1874-1879)

STORA MELLBY and MAGRA, ÄLVSBORG COUNTY, SWEDEN: Maps Identifying Homes/Parishes

The Stora Mellby parish is northeast of Gothenburg.

Yttre Jordala, west of Stora Mellby, Sweden
Ancestral home of August Andersson and his father Anders Pettersson.
After immigration, family took the name "Jordin" to honor their Swedish home.

Aerial view of Yttre Jordala, Stora Mellby, Sweden.

The Magra parish south of Stora Mellby, Sweden.
Immigrant Anna Greta Andersdotter, mother of August Jordin, was from Magra Parish,
as was her father Anders Svensson and Annicka Svensdotter, mother of Anders Pettersson Jordin;.


Church of the Magra Parish, Älvsborg County, Sweden
Immigrant Anna Greta Andersdotter was born in this parish, 1833. Her parents Anna Stina Persdotter and Anders Svensson married in this parish, raised their family, and died in this parish, per church records.
(Photo courtesy of Karl-Johan Augustsson.)


Church of the Siene Parish, Älvsborg County, Sweden
Anna Stina Persdotter, mother of immigrant Anna Greta Andersdotter, was born and lived her childhood in the Siene Parish,
located southeast of Magra parish.
(Photo courtesy of Karl-Johan Augustsson.)


Home where Anders Pettersson (later Jordin) was born, Stora Mellby, Älvsborg County, Sweden
Members of the Danielsson family (relatives of Anders):
Anna, Elin, Johannes, Maria, Karl, and Axel Danielsson.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)

House where the Anders Pettersson family (later Jordin) lived before leaving Stora Mellby, Sweden,
for their trip across the ocean.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)

Church at Stora Mellby, Alvsborg, Sweden
Immigrants August Jordin and his parents Anders Pettersson and Anna Greta Andersdotter attended this church.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)

Church and cemetery, Stora Mellby, Älvsborg County, Sweden
Part of the church dates back to the 1100s.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)

Picture of the old Kronobotten School (dates back to 1831).
It is believed that August Jordin and his father Anders Pettersson attended this school. Stora Mellby, Älvsborg County, Sweden
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)

Winter view of the Kronobotten School.
(Photo courtesy of Robert Åkesson and Ingrid Andreasson.)


According to the census data and the biography in the Album of history and biography of Meeker County (1888) (HathiTrust online version pp 307-308, listed as "August Jorden") , it appears that the two oldest children of Anders (Anna and Marja/Marie, by his first wife Annika) immigrated in 1872, before the rest of the Jordin family; Britta in 1880; August in 1880; Mary in 1880; John in 1881. From Swedish emigration and US immigration records, Anders arrived in the spring of 1881. His wife Anna Greta and daughter Sofia/Sophia arrived in May 1884. WIth eldest daughters settled in Greenleaf Township, Meeker County MN, other siblings and parents followed to the same county in central Minnesota--to a community with strong Swedish roots.

There are several parts to August Andersson's immigration journey from Sweden to New York. His was a journey typical of many Scandinavians who left their home country, wanting a different and better life in America. In late February 1880 August Andersson left the port of Gothenburg Sweden on the ship Rollo. His first destination was the port of Hull, on England's eastern shore. While in Hull August would have waited at the Hull Paragon Railway Station, built for the Scandinavians who passed through Hull on their emigration journeys. The next part of his journey was a train ride to Liverpool, on England's western shore. According to Norway Heritage website "the train tickets were part of a package that included the steamship ticket to Hull, a train ticket to Liverpool and then the steamship ticket to their final destination - mainly America. Sometimes so many emigrants arrived a one time that there would be up to 17 carriages being pulled by one steam engine." August's journey continued in March 1880 with a voyage on the ship Celtic from Liverpool to the port of New York City, arriving March 13, 1880. August then traveled to Minnesota.

SS Rollo: from Gothenburg Sweden to Hull England, February 1880.

August Andersson was number 7359 on SS Rollo's passenger list. (PDF version)

Hull Paragon Railway Station

SS Celtic: from Liverpool England to New York City, March 1880

"A. Anderson" arrived in New York City, March 13, 1880
Passenger List of the SS Celtic.

August's father Anders Pettersson immigrated in the spring of 1881. August's mother Anna Greta Andersdotter/Andersson crossed the ocean with daughter Sophia, arriving in New York on May 23, 1884. They each had journeys similar to son August: ship from Gothenburg Sweden to Hull England; train from Hull to Liverpool England; ship from Liverpool to New York City.

Anders left Gothenburg Sweden, destination Hull, on April 10, 1881 on the ship "Argo"; the ship "Palmyra" took him across the ocean, arriving April 25, 1881. Anna Greta and Sophia traveled on the ship "Orlando" on May 2, 1884 to Hull; they took the ship "State of Georgia" across the ocean, arriving on May 23, 1884 at the Port of New York.


Emigration record of "Anders Petterson" from Mellby Sweden in April 1881. Destination: Minneapolis MN.
Source: Gothenburg, Sweden, Passenger Lists, 1869-1951

Passenger List for ship "Palmyra" listing "Anders Peterson".
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957.


Emigration records for Anna Greta and daughter Sofia, 2 May 1884. From Mellby, Sweden.
Source: Gothenburg, Sweden, Passenger Lists, 1869-1951

Passenger List for ship "State of Georgia" May 1884: Anna Greta Andersson and daughter Sofia.
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957.

"State of Georgia" ship


According to the Album of history and biography of Meeker County (HathiTrust online version pp 307-308, listed as "August Jorden"), August left Sweden in 1880, lived in Minneapolis for 2 1/2 years, moved to Litchfield (Meeker Co) for one year and then to Section 18 (T118N-31W, Section 18) of Greenleaf Township. There is no record that this was a homestead. (The "August Jorden" summary can also be found at Genealogy Trails for Meeker County.)

The 1897 plat map below indicates the farm owned by "A. Jordin" (T118N-31W, Section 18) in Greenleaf Township, Meeker County, MN. This was August Jordin. Adjacent to August's property, was the farm of his brother John Jordin. Northeast of these farms is the Beckville Lutheran Church (Section 9). East of these farms is the farm of Peter Lund who married August's older half-sister, Anna (Section 17). Half-sister Betsey/Britta, married to John Quist, also had a farm in the township (Sections 3 and 4). The third half-sister, Marie (Maja) and her husband Andrew Lee also lived in Greenleaf Township, but there doesn't appear to be a listing on this plat map.

1897 Plat map; the northern portion of Greenleaf Township,
south of Litchfield, Meeker County, Minnesota.
Highlighted rectangles (Section 18) indicate property owned by "A. Jordin".
Beckville Lutheran Church (Section 9). (PDF file of 1897 Greenleaf Township plat)

Current map of the same portion of Greenleaf Township.
Highlighted rectangles indicate farm owned by the Jordin family in the 1890s.

Anna Greta (Andersdotter) Jordin, about 1902.

Jordin headstone at Beckville Lutheran Church, Meeker County, MN.

Grave of Anders Pettersson Jordin at Beckville Lutheran Church, Meeker County, MN.

Grave of Anna Greta Jordin at Beckville Lutheran Church, Meeker County, MN. entry for Anders Jordin entry for Anna Greta Andersdotter Jordin entry for August Jordin entry for John A. Jordin entry for Mary (Jordin) Swanson entry for Maria (Jordin) Lee entry for Britta (Jordin) Quist

Decorative bell tower and steeple at Beckville Lutheran Church, Meeker County, MN.

The family worshiped at Beckville Lutheran Church, about 3 miles east of their farm. The church witnessed marriages, baptisms, and burials. Anders Pettersson Jordin died on October 12, 1892. Anna Greta Jordin died in October, 1909. The Litchfield Saturday Review listed her obituary in the October 30, 1909 edition, with the misspelling "Jorden". Information about her immigration year is incorrect; passenger lists show that she immigrated in 1884..

Mrs. Annagreta Peterson Jorden [sic] passed away Sunday afternoon, October 24, at the home of her daughter Mrs. Godfried Anderson in Greenleaf town. Death was due to hemorrhage of the lungs and was sudden.

The funeral services were held on Thursday afternoon from the late residence of the deceased and from the Beckville Swedish Lutheran church, Rev. Lundberg of Svea officiating. Interment was in the Beckville cemetery.

Mrs. Jorden was born in Sweden January 5, 1833. Twenty-five years later she came to America and direct to Greenleaf town. For the past two years she had made her residence with her son John A. Jorden, but two weeks ago had gone to visit her daughter where death claimed her. Two sons and three daughters survive, John A. Jorden, Danielson; August Jorden, New London; Mrs. Peter Lund, Greenleaf; Mrs. John P. Swanson, Cosmos and Mrs. Gotfried Anderson, Greenleaf.


29 June 1861 birth record of August Andersson (later Jordin)
Stora Mellby parish, Älvsborg Sweden. (More complete PDF version has column headings)
Source: Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1860-1941

11 July 1869 birth record of Mary (Maria) Mortenson, Onslunda Parish, Kristianstad (Skåne) Sweden.
Father listed as "Ola Mårtensson" (aka Ole Mortenson). (More complete PDF version has column headings)
Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1860-1941

The biography of August Jordin included in the Album of history and biography of Meeker County (1888) (HathiTrust online version pp 307-308) provides an interesting, though brief, description of August's religion, work ethic and his politics. (The "August Jorden" summary can also be found at Genealogy Trails for Meeker County.) August and Mary married in 1890 in Cosmos and lived in the Beckville area of Greenleaf Township, south of Litchfield in Meeker County, MN. Mary Mortenson was also an immigrant from Sweden. During the years they lived in Beckville, they had 3 children. In 1897 they moved to New London and had 7 more children, though 2 died as infants. Son Ben was born while the family was moving to New London. They rented various homes and farms in the New London and Spicer area and were members of Lebanon Lutheran Church. (New London's historic Lebanon church building was torn down in 2014.) When daughter-in-law Jennie Jordin died in 1923 following childbirth, Mary welcomed the young children, Lois and newborn Donald, into her home in New London; the children's father, Edward, had to work and carrying for his children alone was too difficult. In 1937 another daughter-in-law, Inga Jordin, died (see below). Mary helped her son Walter with his 3 children by baking, canning, and washing laundry. Using a pedal sewing machine Mary made patchwork quilts which she sold to her friends to add to the household income. Mary died in 1949 at her son Walter's Atwater farm home.

  • Albert Emanuel, 1891-1929
  • Edward Ansgarius, 1892-1948 (m. Jennie Johnson)
  • Walter Vitalius, 1895-1970 (m. Inga Johnson)
  • Benjamin Theodore, 1897-1977 (m. Ellen Hanson)
  • Alice Mathilda, 1900-1951 (m. Axel Johnson)
  • Esther, 1902-c1990 (m. Russell Strandberg)
  • Lillian Hilma, 1902-1969 (m. Arthur Magnuson)
  • Clara Amanda, 1906-1984 (m. Rudolph Westerberg)
  • Clarence and Carl Edwin died as very young children

On June 23, 1903 August Jordin became a citizen of the United States.
His wife Mary derived citizenship from August; the children, derived from their father.

Lebanon Lutheran Church, New London, Minnesota, c1930.
August and Mary Jordin and their children attended this congregation which had strong Swedish roots.
Walter Jordin was confirmed here.
August, Mary and children Carl, Clarence and Albert are buried in the Lebanon Cemetery.

Here is a map of Irving, New London and Lake Andrew Townships, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota which identifies various farms, churches, and a school connected to Walter and Inga (Johnson) Jordin; Walter's parents, August and Mary Jordin; and Inga's parents, Andrew and Ragnhild Johnson. The numbered locations and summaries of the family homes are in chronological order.

Map of Irving, New London and Lake Andrew Townships, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota (pdf version)

  1. New London Township. Farm north of Spicer which August and Mary Jordin and children (including Walter) rented, c1897-c1910. The brick house was demolished in 2000.
  2. New London Township. Rented a farm on Highway 23, just south of New London, c1910. Believe that this is the farm which August registered as the New London Fruit Farm.
  3. Lake Andrew Township. Rented a farm along Hwy 48, south of Hwy 9, west of Sibley State Park. Exact location is not known. August Jordin died at this location in 1919, a few months after the family moved. Mary and children continued to live at this farm into the 1920s.
  4. Ash Street home of widow Mary Jordin in New London, 1920s-1940s. Here she raised two grandchildren (Donald and Lois Johnson) whose mother died in childbirth.
  5. Ragnhild and Andrew Johnson (parents of Walter's wife Inga) lived on this farm with Andrew's father Jens Zachariason. Inga and her siblings grew up on this farm. Andrew died in 1898 from a gun shot accident. Following their marriage in 1922, Walter and Inga Jordin (son Noel was born in 1923) lived there for a few years, until the deaths of Ragnhild and father-in-law Jens Sakariason/Zakariason in 1927. House no longer remains.
  6. The "Atwater Farm" where Vivian and Mary Ann were born and grew up in the 1930s and 1940s. Inga Johnson Jordin died at this farm in 1937. No buildings or trees remain. It is now a farm field. It is distinguishable because it is next to a curve in the highway and there are two nearby entrances to the field. Walter rented the farm for $5 per month, according to the 1940 census.
  7. District 2 School location. The building is now at the Kandiyohi County Fairgrounds. Vivian, Mary Ann and Noel attended this school, just north of their childhood home. They walked to school.
  8. The Ed and Esther Johnson home (no relation to Inga Johnson), south of the Jordin’s “Atwater Farm”. Walter and children would walk to the house of their friends to play Rook and checkers. There were many late nights walking home in the dark after visits and games.
  9. The "Hawick Farm" which widower Walter owned from 1949 to 1962. Young adults Vivian and Mary Ann lived here prior to their marriages. No buildings remain on this property located in what is commonly called "Lost Valley." This land is near the Miller orchard which is owned by the family of Christine (Miller) Sogge.
  10. Walter Jordin's small cabin, where he lived from 1962-1966. He owned this 3 room cabin (kitchen, living room and bedroom) After this home, Walter lived briefly with his daughters and then in nursing homes until his death.
  11. Zion Irving Lutheran Church. This is the home church of Walter and Inga Jordin and their children, Noel, Vivian and Mary Ann. Location of numerous weddings, baptisms, and funerals of the Jordin family, including the wedding of Orlynn and Vivian Mankell, baptisms of Susan and Carolyn Mankell, funerals of Inga and Walter. Buried in the cemetery are Walter and Inga Jordin, Ben and Ellen Jordin, Ragnhild Olsen Johnson (mother of Inga) and Iver Olsen (father of Ragnhild), Ed and Jenny (Johnson) Jordin, Jens Sakariason, (father-in-law of Ragnhild).
  12. Nordland Lutheran Church. Andrew Johnson (father of Inga) is buried there. Andrew died before the congregation’s schism and the creation of Zion Irving Lutheran Church.

Layout of the Atwater farm, Irving Township. (#6 on map above) Walter Jordin rented this farm c1931-1949.
He wanted to buy the farm, but the owner sold the acreage and then informed Walter.
The family moved north about 3 miles to the "Hawick Farm" (#9 on map above). Image is not drawn to scale.

One of the Jordin homes (rented) in New London Township, c1897-1910s. (Item #1 on map above).

Family records, census data, and articles in the Willmar Tribune and New London Times provide insight into August's activities and life as a farmer in the New London area.

August and Mary rented farms in the New London area. Location #1 on the map above indicates the farm north of Nest Lake, in New London Township to which the family moved from Meeker County in 1897. Son Ben Jordin was born during this trip. In September 1909, August purchased lots for $150.00 in the Village of New London from Louis Larson (founder of New London): Block 1, Lot 6; Block 5, lots 8 and 13; "Larson, Adams, and Sperry's Addition" south of the Mill Pond. It is not known how long the family owned the property or if the family lived at any of these lots. (This is not the property where widow Mary Jordin lived in the 1920s-1940s.)

Three lots which August Jordin purchased in 1909.
(source of map: Lakes Area Review

In the 1910 Federal Census the family lived on the "State Road" which is probably farm #2 (State Highway 23) on the above map. August was a breeder of purebred Poland China hogs. In 1912 August was a founding member of the Kandiyohi County Livestock Breeders' Association. He was also a member of the New London Farmers' Club. This organization had various farm animal shows to which August brought his hogs. In 1914 he brought his animals to the Kandiyohi County fair. According to the September 23, 1914 issue of the Willmar Tribune August "was on hand as usual with his prize porkers. Hog cholera has no terrors for him, although the prevalence of the epidemic prevented a big general showing of hogs at the fair."

Poland China pig

According the New London Times (July 9, 1914) August injured his arm in an accident:
August Jordin is carrying his right arm in a sling. A week ago, while dragging the road with a steel drag, he fell and struck his elbow against one of the iron braces. The result, was, in a very short time, his arm turned black and was considerably swollen. It was necessary for him to have the attention of a physician.

In May 1915 August Jordin was named to the New London Precinct Committee, whose function was to promote good voting turnout in the June 7, 1915 primary.

August Jordin registered the name of his farm as "New London Fruit Farm" with Kandiyohi County in the fall of 1915. He was one of several farmers who protected the name of his farm from duplication with the registration. This farm in identified on the above map as #2, located just outside of the village of New London. The Willmar Tribune articles on September 8 and October 13, 1915 have more information:

September 8, 1915
Aug. Jordin was at Willmar last week and named his place, just outside of the village. The name chosen by Mr. Jordin was the New London Fruit Farm. The name is very appropriate as the place is nearly covered with fruit of different varieties.

October 13, 1915
108 farms now have registered names. A recent law in Minnesota provides that the name given any farm may be registered with the Register of Deeds, and that any name will only be registered once in a county. Up to this time 108 farm owners in Kandiyohi County have registered names for their homes.
In April 1919 the family moved from the Highway 23 farm (#2 on map) to a farm in Lake Andrew Township (#3 on map), believed to be south of the intersection of State Road 9 and Sibley Park Rd (5th St NW; Hwy 48). In early 1919 August Jordin suffered from a series of strokes and died in August. In the early 1920s Mary moved to New London and lived on Ash Street.

Contemporary photograph of Mary Jordin's home on Ash Street in New London, MN,
where she lived in the early 1920s-1940s.
Mary owned the home, valued at $800, as listed in the 1940 census.

August Jordin died in August 25, 1919. The Willmar Tribune and the Litchfield Saturday Review printed his obituary. Mary Mortenson Jordin died February 18, 1949 in New London, MN. Her obituary was printed in the Willmar Tribune. August and Mary Jordin are buried at the Lebanon Cemetery in New London.

August: (from the New London section of the Willmar Tribune, September 3, 1919.)
August Jordin, who has been a well known and highly respected citizen of this community for about 20 years, died at his home at Lake Andrew last Monday evening, August 25. The funeral was held from the Swedish Lutheran church [Lebanon Lutheran Church] in this village last Friday afternoon, Rev. A. F. Almer, the pastor, officiating. Interment was made in the Lebanon Lutheran cemetery. Mr. Jordin is survived by his wife and eight children, Edward, Albert, Walter, Benjamin, Lilly, Alice, Clara and Esther, all of whom reside in this community. The writer of this column joins the entire community in extending sympathy to the family in this hour of bereavement.

August: (from the Litchfield Saturday Review, September 6, 1919.)
August Jordin, a resident of Meeker county between the years 1890 and 1898, died on Monday evening of last week at the home of his son Edward Jordin near New London after an illness of a year. The deceased was a brother of John A. Jordin resident south of town on Route 8. He was a native of Sweden and was born June 29, 1861. The widow and eight children survive.
Funeral services were held Tuesday, February 22, 1949, for Mrs. Mary Jordin of New London at 1:30 o'clock at Johnson Chapel and 2 o'clock at the Lebanon Lutheran Church with the Rev. Hjalmer Olson officiating. Burial was in the Lebanon cemetery.

At the chapel, Roger Magnuson sang, "In My Father's House are Many Mansions". At the church Mrs. Eric Anderson sang two solos, "Nearer My God To Thee" and "Tryggare Kan Ingen Vara", favorite song of Mrs. Jordin.

Pallbearers were Alvin Ogren, Lawrence Christopherson, Lowell Christopherson, Erick Anderson, Edwin Johnson and Henry Sletten.

Mrs. Mary Mortenson Jordin was born in Skåne, Sweden, on July 11, 1869. At the age of two years she came with her parents to America and settled at Cosmos in Meeker county. On March 18, 1890, she was married to August Jordin. They resided at Beckville in Meeker County until 1897 when they moved to New London where Mrs. Jordin resided until the time of her death. She was 79 years, 7 months and 7 days at the time of her passing.

To this union were born ten children. Four preceded her in death, namely: Carl, Clarence, Albert and Edward. Six children are left to morn her passing, namely: Walter Jordin of Atwater; Ben Jordin of Spicer; Alice (Mrs. Axel Johnson) of Willmar; Lillian (Mrs. Arthur Magnuson) of Willmar; Esther (Mrs. Russell Strandburg) of Minneapolis and Clara (Mrs. Rudolph Westerberg) of Minneapolis. Her husband preceded her in death. He passed away in 1919.

Besides her six children, Mrs. Jordin leaves to mourn her passing, 5 brothers, 22 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.

There were relatives and friends from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Alexandria, Litchfield, Cosmos, Beckville, Waconia, Atwater, and Willmar who attended the funeral.

Mrs. Jordin was ever ready with a helping hand. Peace be to her memory.

August and Mary Jordin are buried at Lebanon Cemetery, New London, MN. entry for August Jordin entry for Mary Mortenson Jordin

Walter's 1910 confirmation photograph.
Scroll down to the 'Walter and Inga' section for more photos of Walter.

Walter's Brothers and Sisters:

Edward and Jennie (Johnson) Jordin, 1920.
(Brothers Edward and Walter Jordin married sisters Jennie and Inga Johnson.)
Ed and Jennie had two children: Lois and Donald. Following Jennie's death in childbirth, Edward's mother Mary Jordin raised the two children with the help of Mary's oldest son, Albert Jordin. Edward and Jennie Jordin are buried at Zion Irving Lutheran Church. entry for Edward Jordin entry for Jennie Johnson Jordin

Ben and Ellen (Hanson) Jordin with children, (l-r) Wanda, Hannah and Arland, 1946.
Ben and his family lived in Spicer MN. Ben and Ellen are buried at Zion Irving Lutheran Church. entry for Ben Jordin entry for Ellen Jordin

Alice (Jordin) and Axel Johnson, 1922.
They had at least 7 children: Helen, Harriet, Howard, Richard, Kathryn, Loren, and Gayle. entry for Alice Jordin Johnson entry for Axel Johnson

Twins Esther and Lillian Jordin, c1925.
Esther married Russell Strandberg in 1927. They had one son, Owen Strandberg. entry for Esther Jordin Strandberg entry for Russell Strandberg

Lillian (Jordin) and Art Magnuson, 1927.
Lillian and Art had 4 children: Margaret, Roger, Beverly and Donna. entry for Lillian Jordin Magnuson

Clara (Jordin) and Rudy Westerberg, 1929.
Clara and Rudy had two children: Doris and Leslie. entry for Clara Jordin Westerberg entry for Rudolph Westerberg

Oldest brother, Albert, is buried at Lebanon Cemetery in New London. Next to his grave are the graves of the 2 youngest brothers, Clarence and Carl, who died when very young. Albert (1891-1929) was a carpenter who lived in Kerkhoven MN and also helped his mother, Mary, care for his niece and nephew, Lois and Donald Jordin, whose mother Jennie (Johnson) Jordin died after childbirth. Albert died in a car accident. entry for Albert Jordin


Walter was born in Beckville Township, Meeker County, in January, 1895. When he was two years old he moved to New London with his parents. He started farming in Irving Township in 1921. Walter and Inga Johnson (also from Irving Township) married in 1922 and had three children:

Marriage License of Walter and Inga Jordin, 1922.

Walter and Inga and son Noel lived on her parents' farm during the first years they were married (see above map). After Inga's mother and grandfather died in 1927 and 1928, Inga's brothers sold the farm. So Walter and his family moved one mile south where they rented the "Atwater Farm". Vivian and Mary Ann were born on this farm. Walter farmed about 200 acres--north to County School No. 2, and west to the branch of the Crow River. The farm had the farm house, barn, chicken coop, and granary. The children picked black raspberries by the Crow River. No buildings remain; the site is now a farm field.The family worshiped at Zion Irving Lutheran Church, where Walter was the treasurer for the Sunday School for many years. The children attended school at District 2, less than a mile north of their "Atwater Farm" home.

District No. 2 Schoolhouse, which is now at the Kandiyohi County Fairgrounds.

Walter and Inga Jordin in 1926.

Jordin family at the Atwater house, 1932:
Back row: Inga Jordin holding Vivian, Ellen (Mrs. Ben) Jordin, Art Magnuson, Mary Jordin, Walter Jordin, Russell Strandberg, Esther (Jordin) Strandberg, Ed Jordin, Ben Jordin
Front row: Roger Magnuson, Margaret Magnuson, Hanna Jordin, Lois Jordin, Donald Jordin, Noel Jordin.

Vivian Jordin as a toddler, c1933.

Vivian's mother Inga Johnson (1896-1937) was born at the Johnson farm north of Atwater. Known for playing the organ, Inga died in February, 1937 from heart trouble (after suffering from rheumatic fever) at the age of 40. Vivian was only 5 years old; Mary Ann was one; Noel was thirteen. Her obituary in the Willmar Weekly Tribune states:

Death came suddenly without warning to Mrs. Walter Jordin Wednesday evening, about 11:00. While walking across the room, she fell lifeless, due to heart failure, the Atwater Press says. She had been failing for about 2 years with heart trouble, but had appeared much better this winter. Her husband and 3 children are left to mourn her death. The family resides on the Lester farm in Irving, nine miles north of Atwater.

In December, 1949, Walter, Noel and Mary Ann moved to the "Hawick Farm". Vivian was 17 and working at the Big Store in New London at this time. She lived with Aunt Hannah Rose during the week and went to stay with her family on the weekends. Walter lived at the Hawick farm until he retired from farming in 1962 and moved to the small cabin, just a few miles west of the farm, where he lived until 1966. Walter died in 1970 after living a few years at a nursing home in Willmar. His cabin was sold in 1970. Walter and Inga are buried at the Zion Irving Lutheran Church cemetery. Walter and Inga had 9 grandchildren: LuAnn, Loren, Donald, Robert and Jarl Sogge; Carol Jordin; Susan, Carolyn, and Kurt Mankell.

Here are two views of the Hawick farm house. No buildings remain on the farm.

The house on the Hawick farm, 1952.

The house on the Hawick farm, 1954.

Grave of Inga Johnson Jordin, located at Zion Irving Lutheran Church, Irving Township, Kandiyohi County MN.

Grave of Walter Jordin, located at Zion Irving Lutheran Church, Irving Township, Kandiyohi County MN. entry for Walter Jordin entry for Inga Johnson Jordin


Noel R. Jordin (1923-1992) was the oldest child of Walter and Inga. In 1958 Noel married Mildred Arnesen (1929-2014), daughter of Thorvald and Karoline Arnesen. After their marriage Noel lived and worked on her family's farm north of Spicer, MN. Noel died in 1992; Millie died in 2014. Here is Noel's obituary:

Noel R. Jordin, 69 of Spicer, died Monday at the Villa of St. Francis Nursing Home in Morris. Funeral services will be held at 1:30 pm Friday at the Faith Lutheran Church in Spicer with Pastor Paul Idstrom officiating. Burial will be in the Spicer City Cemetery. He was born Sept. 27, 1923, in Irving Township, Kandiyohi County, to Walter and Inga (Johnson) Jordin. He attended District 2 schools and was baptized and confirmed at the Zion-Irving Lutheran Church of Hawick.

On May 31, 1958, he married Mildred Arneson in Spicer. He farmed, did carpentry work and for several years was employed at the Green Lake Elevator in Spicer before retiring in 1985. He is survived by his wife Mildren; daughter Carol Kor of Luverne; two sisters, Vivian (and Orlynn) Mankell of New London and Mary Ann (and Allan) Sogge of Spicer, and two grandchildren.

May 21, 1958 wedding of Noel Jordin and Mildred Arnesen.
Faith Lutheran Church, Spicer, MN.

Mary Ann Jordin, the youngest daughter of Walter and Inga, married Allan Sogge (1934-2011) in 1955 at her home church of Zion Irving Lutheran. Allan was the son of Knute and and Alma Sogge and grew up in the Spicer area. Allan co-owned Spicer Oil (Skelly Gas Station). He and his family were busy with the gas station and the Spicer Fire Department. Mary Ann, Allan, and family have loved camping, traveling and especially music--vocal, piano, guitar, mandolin, and other instruments--providing music at Faith Lutheran, Green Lake Bible Camp, and the Senior Citizen Centers in Spicer and Willmar.

January 1, 1955 wedding of Mary Ann Jordin and Allan Sogge.
Zion Irving Lutheran Church, Irving Township, Kandiyohi County, MN.

Vivian Jordin (1931-1994) was Walter and Inga's second child. She married Orlynn Mankell in 1954.

Siblings: Mary Ann Sogge, Vivian Mankell, and Noel Jordin, 1988.

Walter Jordin with grandchildren, 1959.
Left to Right: Carolyn Mankell, LuAnn Sogge, Loren Sogge, Donald Sogge, Susan Mankell,
Walter holding Robert Sogge. entry for Noel Jordin entry for Mildred Arnesen Jordin entry for Allan Sogge

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