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Maps Documenting the Homestead

Lake Andrew Township, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota
NW Corner of Section 20 (121 North, 35 West)

State of Minnesota, with Kandiyohi County highlighted.

Kandiyohi County, with Mankell homestead highlighted. Willmar is the County Seat.

Plat Maps of Lake Andrew Township and the surrounding area.

Portion of the 1874 Kandiyohi County Plat Map:

The farm is located in the NW corner of Section 20. The second location of District 25 school is identified south of the farm. The Lake Florida Mission Church is identified in Section 21. The Sven Borgen/Gunder Swenson homestead is located in Section 24 of the Norway Lake Township (later Arctander Township), one mile west of the Mankell farm.

Portion of the 1886 Kandiyohi County Plat Map:

Portion of the 1905 Kandiyohi County Plat Map:

The third location of District 25 school and the Lake Florida Mission Church are identified in Section 21.

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