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There are several online name indexes to the Federal Census.,, and are by subscription. While is free, the indexes and images are not as extensive as Ancestry or Footnote provides. The National Archives has free public access to and if the patron is using a computer terminal at the National Archives locations (Washington DC, regional archives or presidential libraries). Some public libraries have free access to for their library card holders.

When trying to locate names in the indexes remember that spellings of names changed over time or there may have been typos when entered into the online indexes, or the handwriting on the ledgers was difficult to read. Remember also that one index can have a correct spelling when another index does not.

If there are no listings for a full name, then try just the surname with a state or county to narrow the field.

There are several entries in the Federal Census ledgers for various family members from the 1860 to 1930 (the most recent census available to the public). Here is information regarding spelling and indexed entries which should help anyone looking for these names in the census. These people are listed as "Head" of household. Unless indicated differently, all entries are in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. Monongalia County existed until 1870 (with New London as the County Seat) when it merged with Kandiyohi County to the south. Norway Lake Township then became Arctander and Lake Andrew Townships. There are no 1890 census entries because most of the files were destroyed in a fire.


  • 1870: Lars Christofferson (Norway Lake Township, Monongalia County)
  • 1880: August Christofferson; Lars Christofferson (Arctander Township)
  • 1900: August Christofferson; Lars Christofferson (Arctander Township)
  • 1910: "Bartine" Christopherson; Lars Christopherson (Arctander Township)
    The 1910 entry should have been Bastine or Bastina.
  • 1920: Lars Christofferson; Otto Christopherson (Arctander Township)


  • 1860: "Wm" Mankell (Northfield Township, Rice County)
    The 1860 entry lists "Wm, Betsey, Jane and Mary Mankell" rather than "HW, Betty, Jennie and Mary Mankell"
  • 1870: "W H Moukel" and "W H" Mankel (Norway Lake Township, Monongalia County)
    The 1870 entry lists "W H Moukel", rather than "H W Mankel"; Family Search lists WH Mankel, not HW Mankel.
  • 1880: Herman Mankel (Village of Willmar)
  • 1900: "Osborn" Mankel (Lake Andrew Township)
    The 1900 entry should have been listed as "Oscar"
  • 1910: Oscar Mankel (Lake Andrew Township)
  • 1920: Oscar Mankell (Lake Andrew Township) Otto Mankell (Village of New London)
  • 1930: Oscar Mankel (City of Willmar); Herman Mankel (Lake Andrew Township); Otto Mankel (Lake Andrew Township

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